Cryotube Rack 136x136mm

Maxxline 136 x 136mm cryotube racks offer extended capacity for cryopreservation storage. The large 136 x 136mm interior extends the storage capacity of 133 x 133mm cryotube holders, making them an excellent choice for laboratories with larger sample storage demands.

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Maxxline 136 x 136mm Cardboard Cryotube Racks

Maxxline 136 x 136mm cryotube racks offer extended capacity for cryopreservation storage. The large 136 x 136mm interior of these cryotube holders extends the storage capacity of 133 x 133mm cryotube holders, making them an excellent choice for laboratories with larger sample storage demands.

Temperature resistant cryotube boxes

Our unique manufacturing process ensures that Maxxline cryotube holders hold up to the demands of cryovial storage. Each cryotube box is meticulously crafted to withstand temperatures as low as -80°C without loss of integrity. Maxxline cardboard cryotube holders have a water-repellent coating that reduces moisture induced sogginess.

Adaptable cryotube racks

As Maxxline cardboard cryotube holders are supplied with or without dividers, they can be used to store a wide range of laboratory items. From routine biobanking to cryopreservation of ovarian tissue, these cryotube boxes are great for a variety of freezer applications. Maxxline cardboard cryotube holders are supplied in different heights (32mm to 130mm) they accommodate variable specimen tube heights.

Optional cryotube box dividers

Maxxline cardboard cryotube holders can be partitioned with a range of optional grid dividers making it easy to sort samples in each cryotube holder. The Maxxline cryotube holders can be partitioned in a number of grid sizes (7×7 to 16×16). The optional grid dividers increase the flexibility of Maxxline cryotube racks.

Environmentally friendly cryotube racks

While plastic cryotube boxes are continually evolving to become more ecofriendly, Maxxline cardboard cryotube boxes offer comparable features with minimal environmental. When they reach end-of-life, Maxxline cryotube racks can be recycled following local regulations. This makes Maxxline cardboard cryotube boxes an excellent choice for environmentally conscious scientists.

Visual cryotube rack cataloging

As with any good cryotube rack, Maxxline cryotube boxes make sample sorting intuitive with visual cues and easy tagging. Colorful cryotube rack options (white, red, blue, yellow, and green) allow samples to be sorted by cryotube box color. Each Maxxline cryotube holder has a large canvas for writing custom sample tags.

Maxxline 136 x 136mm cardboard cryotube box highlights

  • Environmentally friendly cardboard cryotube rack construction
  • Cryotube boxes can withstand small spills of alcohols and mild organic solvents
  • Hydrophobic coating on cryotube racks for extra protection
  • Optional grid dividers available for each cryotube holder (7×7 to 16×16)
  • Selection of cryotube rack heights to fit a broad range of tubes (32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 130mm)
  • Five cryotube box colors for visual sample sorting (blue, red, green, white, and yellow)
Cardboard Cryogenic Boxes 136x136
Kryoboxen aus Karton 136x136mm
Maxxline Storyteller
Cardboard Cryoboxes Overview Chart
Cat. No.DescriptionSizeColorPackaging
ML22490Cardboard box, 32mm136x136xH:32mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22492Cardboard box, 32mm136x136xH:32mmblue36 pcs.
ML22494Cardboard box, 32mm136x136xH:32mmred36 pcs.
ML22496Cardboard box, 32mm136x136xH:32mmgreen36 pcs.
ML22498Cardboard box, 32mm136x136xH:32mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22500Cardboard box, 50mm136x136xH:50mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22501Cardboard box, 50mm136x136xH:50mmblue
ML22502Cardboard box, 50mm136x136xH:50mmred36 pcs.
ML22503Cardboard box, 50mm136x136xH:50mmgreen 36 pcs.
ML22504Cardboard box, 50mm136x136xH:50mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22525Cardboard box, 75mm136x136xH:75mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22526Cardboard box, 75mm136x136xH:75mmblue36 pcs.
ML22527Cardboard box, 75mm136x136xH:75mmred36 pcs.
ML22528Cardboard box, 75mm136x136xH:75mmgreen36 pcs.
ML22529Cardboard box, 75mm136x136xH:75mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22540Cardboard box, 100mm136x136xH:100mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22541Cardboard box, 100mm136x136xH:100mmblue36 pcs.
ML22542Cardboard box, 100mm136x136xH:100mmred36 pcs.
ML22543Cardboard box, 100mm136x136xH:100mmgreen36 pcs.
ML22544Cardboard box, 100mm136x136xH:100mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22560Cardboard box, 130mm 136x136xH:130mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22561Cardboard box, 130mm136x136xH:130mmblue36 pcs.
ML22562Cardboard box, 130mm136x136xH:130mmred36 pcs.
ML22563Cardboard box, 130mm136x136xH:130mmgreen36 pcs.
ML22564Cardboard box, 130mm136x136xH:130mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22676Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 7x7 (vials<17,75mm O.D.)136x136xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22675Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 8x8 (vials<15,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22674Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 9x9 (vials<13,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22673Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 10x10 (vials<12.25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22672Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 12x12 (vials<10,25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22671Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 13x13 (vials<9,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22670Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 14x14 (vials<8,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22669Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 16x16 (vials<7,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22690Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 3x3 (vials<42,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22689Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 4x4 (vials<31,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22688Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 5x5 (vials<25,25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22687Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 6x6 (vials<21,00 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22686Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 7x7 (vials<17,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22685Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 8x8 (vials<15,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22684Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 9x9 (vials<13,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22683Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 10x10 (vials<12.25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22682Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 12x12 (vials<10,25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22681Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 13x13 (vials<9,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22680Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 14x14 (vials<8,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22679Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 16x16 (vials<7,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22710Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 3x3 (vials<42,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22709Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 4x4 (vials<31,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22708Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 5x5 (vials<25,25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22707Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 6x6 (vials<21,00 mm O.D.)136x136xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22706Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 7x7 (vials<17,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22705Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 8x8 (vials<15,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22704Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 9x9 (vials<13,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22703Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 10x10 (vials<12.25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22702Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 12x12 (vials<10,25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22740Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 3x3 (vials<42,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22739Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 4x4 (vials<31,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22738Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 5x5 (vials<25,25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22737Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 6x6 (vials<21,00 mm O.D.)136x136xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22736Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 7x7 (vials<17,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22735Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 8x8 (vials<15,50 mm O.D.)136x136xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22734Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 9x9 (vials<13,75 mm O.D.)136x136xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22733Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 10x10 (vials<12.25 mm O.D.)136x136xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22933Cardboard box w/print incl. 9x9 div.136x136xH:50mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22231Cardboard box B9, 50mm, incl. 9x9 cells136x136xH:50mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22233Cardboard box B10, 50mm, incl. 10x10 cells136x136xH:50mmwhite36 pcs.