Cryovial Storage Box 133x133mm

Maxxline cryovial boxes are the ideal cardboard cryovial rack. These spacious 133 x 133mm cryovial racks accommodate a broad range of samples while fitting perfectly in most laboratory freezers.

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Maxxline 133 x 133mm Cardboard Cryovial Storage Boxes

Maxxline cryovial boxes are the ideal cardboard cryovial rack. These spacious 133 x 133mm cryovial racks accommodate a broad range of samples while fitting perfectly in most laboratory freezers. Here’s why Maxxline cryovial boxes are the best choice for your lab.

Thermostable, water-repellent Cardboard Cryovial Storage Box

Maxxline cardboard cryovial storage boxes are crafted from high-quality cardboard unlike poorly constructed cryovial boxes that are prone to moisture damage. A water repellent coating helps Maxxline cryovial racks stay in shape for longer. Each cryovial rack has guaranteed thermostability down to -80°C.

Flexible cryovial racks

Maxxline cardboard cryovial storage boxes have spacious interiors. To accommodate different sample tube lengths Maxxline cryovial boxes can be ordered in a range of heights. Our cardboard cryovial storage boxes adapt well to various storage requirements, from loosely packed tubes to small reagent packets.

Optional cryovial rack grid dividers

Maxxline 133 x 133mm cardboard cryovial storage boxes can be fitted with optional grid inserts that partition the cryovial storage box in a range of grid sizes (7×7 to 16×16). This allows for easy sorting of samples stored in the cryovial storage boxes.

Ecofriendly cryovial boxes

Maxxline cardboard cryovial boxes are designed for environmentally conscious scientists without compromising the expectations of high-quality cryovial storage boxes. Maxxline cardboard cryovial boxes are more eco-friendly than plastic cryovial racks. Each Maxxline cardboard cryovial box can be recycled after use, minimizing its impact on the environment.

Easy cryovial rack cataloging

Maxxline cardboard cryovial boxes are easy to write on and come in multiple color variants for easier sorting and retrieval from the freezer. In addition to the standard white cryovial rack, blue, green, red, and yellow cardboard cryovial storage boxes can be ordered for a beautiful range of functional colors.

Maxxline 133 x 133mm cardboard cryovial rack highlights

  • Ecofriendly cryovial storage boxes with a low carbon footprint
  • Cardboard cryovial racks with resistance to alcohols and mild organic solvents
  • Thermostable and water-repellent cryovial racks
  • Each cryovial box can be fit optional grid inserts for better space efficiency (7 x 7 to 16 x 16)
  • Five cryovial box height variants fitting a broad range of tubes (32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 130mm)
  • Five cryovial rack color variants for visual sample cataloging (white, blue, green, red, and yellow)
Cardboard Cryogenic Boxes 133x133
Kryoboxen aus Karton 133x133mm
Maxxline Storyteller
Cardboard Cryoboxes Overview Chart
Cat. No.DescriptionSizeColorPackaging
ML22000Cardboard box, 32mm133x133xH:32mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22001Cardboard box, 32mm133x133xH:32mmblue36 pcs.
ML22002Cardboard box, 32mm133x133xH:32mmred36 pcs.
ML22003Cardboard box, 32mm133x133xH:32mmgreen36 pcs.
ML22004Cardboard box, 32mm133x133xH:32mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22005Cardboard box, 50mm133x133xH:50mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22010Cardboard box, 50mm133x133xH:50mmblue36 pcs.
ML22015Cardboard box, 50mm133x133xH:50mmred36 pcs.
ML22020Cardboard box, 50mm133x133xH:50mmgreen36 pcs.
ML22025Cardboard box, 50mm133x133xH:50mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22050Cardboard box, 75mm133x133xH:75mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22055Cardboard box, 75mm133x133xH:75mmblue36 pcs.
ML22060Cardboard box, 75mm133x133xH:75mmred36 pcs.
ML22065Cardboard box, 75mm133x133xH:75mmgreen36 pcs.
ML22070Cardboard box, 75mm133x133xH:75mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22100Cardboard box, 100mm133x133xH:100mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22101Cardboard box, 100mm133x133xH:100mmblue36 pcs.
ML22102Cardboard box, 100mm133x133xH:100mmred36 pcs.
ML22103Cardboard box, 100mm133x133xH:100mmgreen36 pcs.
ML22104Cardboard box, 100mm133x133xH:100mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22080Cardboard box, 130mm133x133xH:130mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22082Cardboard box, 130mm133x133xH:130mmblue36 pcs.
ML22084Cardboard box, 130mm133x133xH:130mmred36 pcs.
ML22086Cardboard box, 130mm133x133xH:130mmgreen36 pcs.
ML22088Cardboard box, 130mm133x133xH:130mmyellow36 pcs.
ML22090Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 7x7 (vials<17mm O.D.)133x133xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22091Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 8x8 (vials<15mm O.D.)133x133xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22092Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 9x9 (vials<13mm O.D.)133x133xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22093Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 10x10 (vials<12mm O.D.)133x133xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22094Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 12x12 (vials<10mm O.D.)133x133xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22095Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 13x13 (vials<9mm O.D.)133x133xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22096Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 14x14 (vials<8mm O.D.)133x133xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22097Dividers 32mm boxes, grid 16x16 (vials<7mm O.D.)133x133xH:22mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22111Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 3x3 (vials<41mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22112Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 4x4 (vials<31mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22113Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 5x5 (vials<24mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22114Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 6x6 (vials<20mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22106Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 7x7 (vials<17mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22108Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 8x8 (vials<15mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22110Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 9x9 (vials<13mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22120Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 10x10 (vials<12mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22115Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 12x12 (vials<10mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22116Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 13x13 (vials<9mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22117Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 14x14 (vials<8mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22118Dividers 50mm boxes, grid 16x16 (vials<7 mm O.D.)133x133xH:30mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22124Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 3x3 (vials<41mm O.D.)133x133xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22125Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 4x4 (vials<31mm O.D.)133x133xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22126Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 5x5 (vials<24mm O.D.)133x133xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22127Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 6x6 (vials<20mm O.D.)133x133xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22130Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 7x7 (vials<17mm O.D.)133x133xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22132Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 8x8 (vials<15mm O.D.)133x133xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22134Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 9x9 (vials<13mm O.D.)133x133xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22136Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 10x10 (vials<12mm O.D.)133x133xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22137Dividers 75mm boxes, grid 12x12 (vials<10mm O.D.)133x133xH:40mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22147Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 3x3 (vials<41mm O.D.)133x133xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22148Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 4x4 (vials<31mm O.D.)133x133xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22149Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 5x5 (vials<24mm O.D.)133x133xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22150Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 6x6 (vials<20mm O.D.)133x133xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22140Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 7x7 (vials<17mm O.D.)133x133xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22142Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 8x8 (vials<15mm O.D.)133x133xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22144Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 9x9 (vials<13mm O.D.)133x133xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22146Dividers 100, 130mm boxes, grid 10x10 (vials<12mm O.D.)133x133xH:65mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22225Cardboard box B9, 32mm, incl 9x9 cells133x133xH:32mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22226Cardboard box B10, 32mm, incl 10x10 cells133x133xH:32mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22230Cardboard box B9, 50mm, incl 9x9 cells133x133xH:50mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22232Cardboard box B10, 50mm, incl 10x10 cells133x133xH:50mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22235Cardboard box B9, 75mm, incl 9x9 cells133x133xH:75mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22240Cardboard box B9, 100mm, incl 9x9 cells133x133xH:100mmwhite36 pcs.
ML22245Cardboard box B9, 130mm, incl 9x9 cells133x133xH:130mmwhite36 pcs.